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2016-02-02 Functionality information / description updated for NotePad SX Pro. NotePad SX Pro is HTML, PHP, C++, Pascal, Visual Basic, JAVA, CSS, XML, Perl, INI, SQL code editor with syntax highlighting. It has also all functions of Free NotePad SX

2016-01-21 New addresses for our software directories Freewareland, Sharewarebase, Softwarestorm, Winfiles, Audiosoft

2015-12-04 MIDI Tracker 1.4.5 released.

2015-09-24 MIDI Tracker 1.4.4 released. New song added.

2014-04-13 Backup Utility 1.3.3 released. Free trial switched from 7-days to 30-days.

2015-04-12 FreewareSeek is still updated every day download site with 32263 programs listed. You can visit it and find software you need.

2015-04-12 Rename Easy 1.0.2 released. Free trial also switched from 7-days to 30-days.

2015-03-25 MIDI Tracker 1.4.3 released. Some fixes and improvements.

2015-03-24 New Example MIDI file for MIDI Tracker: Version 1 and Version 2.

2015-03-23 NotePad SX Pro 1.4.0 uploaded! More advanced syntax highlighing for php, cpp, pas, java and much more. Free trial switched from 30 to 60 days!

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Our software include Media Player, CD Ripper, MIDI Music Editor and more, download it for FREE

Multimedia Software
Our software include Media Player, CD Ripper, MIDI Music Editor and more, download it for FREE

Audio and video player of many files types including DVD, DivX, MP3, WAV, MID, WMA, CDA, AVI, MPG, ASF, WMV, WM, SND, AU, AIFF, M1V, MP2...

MIDI Tracker
MIDI Music sequencer for Windows. Use it for mobile phones, use it for MIDI export, just try it!

CD to WAV, CD to MP3, Wav to MP3 converter. Convert CD to WAV, CD to MP3, Encode WAV files to MP3s

Media Explorer
Organize and explore your media files quick and easy

Wave editor and viewer

System Software
Our software, download it for FREE

Useful tool for website development for everyone, from beginner to professional. Create your own web site with SiteMan!

BackUp Utility
BackUp utility. Batch archiving. Zip method build-in. Backup your important data with this batch archiving tool!

Synchronizer SX
Synchronize files and folders on different computers or different drives

Notepad SX
Free NotePad with advanced functions

Notepad SX Pro
Pro NotePad with advanced functions

Browser SX
Browser SX as Internet Explorer replacement

Our software, download it for FREE

Rename Easy
Rename Easy - easy rename multiple files at once

Password Generator
Advanced Password Generator

Unit Converter
Convert values from one format to another with this freeware utility

Unit Converter Pro
Convert values from one format to another with this advanced converter

Graph Master
Graph master helps you to draw graphic of any function

Our software, download it for FREE

StackUp (Columns)
StackUp (Columns) is a free game available for download

StackUp Pro
StackUp is a cool game with Columns, StackUp and Bricks inside

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Audio and video player, playlist editor, mp3 tags editor. Supported formats including MP3, WAV, MID, WMA, CDA, AVI, MPG, ASF, WMV, WM, SND, AU, AIFF, M1V, MP2.


MIDI Tracker
MIDI Tracker is music editor with ability to import and export songs to MIDI format, support of 128 instruments, assigning volume and tracks count, playing and editing from PC keyboard.


CD to WAV, CD to MP3, CD to OGG ripper; Wav to MP3 converter. CDDB support. The best way to rip whole CD into single file and navigate the titles easily!


NotePad SX
NotePad SX is a fast, stable, user-friendly, tabbed plain text editor

Browser SX
Browser SX is an Internet Explorer based tabbed browser. Including website snapshot saving with one click, download YouTube videos and much more!

Synchronizer SX
With Synchronizer SX you can synchronize data in different folders, disks or different computers.

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